Hello 🤙🏽

Alright, aloha and hello internet on my new blog 👋🏽.
Welcome to my very first blog post here (well, actually I tried this before to be honest, but that was a total fail …).

I think I’m gonna use this one to write a little bit about myself and what I’m doing here and then the next ones will hold some more specific content. At least the first topics are planned to make sure this time this will be a little bit more consistent 😀

Ok, so what’s important, I’m Jan, 22 years old at the moment of writing and living in Karlsruhe (in the south of Germany to be more precise). I studied mechatronics after school for one year but also not more than one year … I quit this because it just wasn’t the right thing which turned out to be a pretty good decision. After that I took myself a year off to decide what’s next and spent 2 months in beautiful South Africa with some penguins.
Next up, in fall 2018 I started my apprenticeship at an agency in Karlsruhe as a webdeveloper and I have to say since then, I’m pretty much enjoying this journey. Overall this is an awesome community but I want to say more on this another time. I’m really happy I’m in the last chapters of this apprenticeship, because the school part is not really that much helpful and enjoyable (this is actually much understated, but I get angry every time I try to argue why the school system is a little bit messed up, so that’s enough for here :D). Luckily the team and colleagues, and also friends I met and made during this time and in this environment is just awesome and I’m really happy and grateful to be in that place.

So, you guessed it, or if you even came from places like my instagram (otherwise, go follow me there 😬), you already know I do a lot around the web. My main passion is playing around with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and all the other frontend stuff. Nevertheless I also already got in touch with backend stack like PHP or MySQL and although I can work with that as well from time to time, it’s not my favorite. Besides that, I’m also into design as well. Not my best skill, but I’m trying and making things like this blog or my homepage 100% on my own to practice and get better. So please don’t be too hard with me on this one 😉

Generally, I’m interested in a ton of different things. Actually I would say too much but at least I’m sure I never get bored … This includes developing more skills in design (some illustrations for example), improving marketing and business knowledge, getting better at playing the piano and just a lot of technical skills that I don’t need all to mention here on their own. You will here about it when I will make some time to work on and with them.

So, I guess that’s pretty much everything you (don’t) need to know about me for now. If you want to follow me, I put all the different links right up there in the sidebar (if you’re not reading this on DEV) so you can check out my other profiles.

That’s it for now, see you. Sometime. Somewhere. 🤙🏽

4 thoughts on “Hello 🤙🏽”

  1. That’s some decent introduction about yourself! Congratulations on your first blog post, too! Glad to have you being part of the community of the https://www.devinitelyhealthy.xyz, Jan!

    Do you already have a routine when and what you will post about on this blog?

    Also I am interested in what kind of tech stack you used for this one. vanillaJS or any framework?

    1. Long, of course you are here. So glad I met you man and being part of this community.
      I will post once a week for now, probably at the weekend.
      I wanted this to be up and running as fast as possible, so I just used a free WordPress theme and twerked it a little with my ninja-css skills 😉
      Going to write something about this as well, cause there were other intentions included also …

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